Apostle Funds Management

Distribution Service

Apostle is a tailoring, packaging and distribution business of financial products and services specifically catering to Australian needs taking into account regulatory, accounting and tax requirements. We offer a full service to our affiliated partners as well as our clients.

We follow a model predicated first and foremost on client needs. We believe that the best product and services are those that our clients actually need and this is why we have adopted the Source – Create – Deliver approach.


Apostle differentiates itself by representing only managers we believe offer superior investment management capabilities and products and who are open to exploring new opportunities. We work proactively with our clients and affiliates to provide appropriate investment-driven solutions. This requires an approach much wider than just selling.


As the financial markets are dynamic and as our clients have varying needs, solutions often have to be created to suit our clients. Apostle has successfully worked with its affiliates to address specific gaps or opportunities for our clients.


Mostly, non-Australian affiliates do not have suitable product ‘packaging’ for Australian clients and the relatively high hurdles set by Australian regulators often make the decision for a non-Australian investment manager to enter the Australian market a difficult one.

Apostle adds significant value here by providing appropriate ‘packaging’ at its own cost and by allowing investment managers to do what they do best – managing money. By taking most of the regulatory and compliance obligations on, investment managers are free to operate from their chosen locations without the need to have their own Australian operations.

Why partner with Apostle Funds Management in Australia?

  • experienced team with demonstrable track record
  • holds AFSL license
  • wide ranging relationships with professional service providers across legal, accounting, custody and administration areas
  • significant investment expertise to meet ongoing reviews and servicing requirements of clients
  • ongoing assistance with regulatory requirements and compliance obligations for Australia
  • exclusivity by asset class and sub-asset class
  • extensive PR and advertising support
  • aligning our interests with the affiliate through a fee sharing arrangement
  • we back ourselves and bear the economic risk of new managed funds, effectively underwriting the operational costs before funds reach scale.